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Our Aash has found a Home!

We have come a full circle! The blue house has always been special to us. Rekha and Shruti, our founders started their journey of working with children with diverse abilities from the blue house.

Who knew back than that we were to return back to this house once again as we begin our journey on a new path to bring Inclusion in the Himalayas with Samphia Foundation. The blue house is located centrally on the Akhara Street, behind a public park. The wooden house has a old world charm to it and is considered as one of the iconic structures of Kullu town. With 3 spacious rooms for therapy, one office, two open halls, waiting area for visitors our new center is now fully accessible for children and families. We are thankful to Mr. Brij Lal and family for welcoming us back to the blue house!

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