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Friends of Aash 

Friends of Aash is a dedicated community associated with Aash Center, committed to fostering disability awareness and support. Comprising passionate individuals, they actively engage in volunteer work, directly and indirectly contributing to our cause. Their efforts extend beyond our center as they passionately spread awareness about disabilities, creating a more inclusive and understanding community."

Friends of Aash plays a pivotal role in amplifying the significance of our mission. By collaborating with them, we can effectively communicate the essence of disabilities and highlight Aash Clinic's impactful initiatives in the disability sector. Moreover, they serve as advocates, helping us emphasize the crucial role of therapy in shaping a brighter future for children with disabilities. Through their efforts, we can reach a wider audience, fostering understanding, support, and a collective commitment to empowering every child on their unique journey.

To become a valuable member of Friends of Aash and contribute to our mission of promoting disability awareness and support, individuals can join by expressing their interest through our Center’s  website, attending informational sessions, or reaching out to our dedicated Inclusion Team for more information on volunteering opportunities and engagement initiatives.

  • Madhav Aku(BALLB),Gujrat National University 

  • Harmeet Singh(BBA),OP Jindal University 

  • Aadita Jha 

  • Rishi Ahuja 

  • Abhijeet Kumar Singh(BBA),Christ Delhi 

  • Sanigdha Sood(ART School)

  • Jayant Mahant (BCA),LPU Jalandher

  • Subodh Katna (B.Tech),LPU Jalandher

  • Krish Sood (MBA, Tech IT),NMIMS Mumbai

  • Diya Sood (BBA),Christ Lavasa Pune

  • Aryaman Sood (BBA),Christ Lavasa Pune

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