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Circle Time!!!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

At Aash Child Development Center, we run group therapy circle times for our children and parents. Circle time is usually light and fun and has the goal of getting children ready for learning.

Circle time activities keep kids occupied. It helps them transition from one part of the day to the next. During circle time, the teacher sees to it that each child is given the opportunity to be involved. Children are seated in a circle either on their chairs or the floor. Most of the time, an object is passed around the circle to show whose turn it is to speak. Some of the activities in a circle time include musical games, cooperative games, talking and listening exercises, drama activities and a lot more!

Below are some of the most important benefits your little one can get from circle time.


One of the greatest benefits your child can get from circle time is the opportunity to socialize. The activities are excellent ways for kids to get along with other kids and adults. They get to learn more about themselves as they relate to their fellow students as well as teachers. Nurturing a child’s social skills early on is important. It will prepare them for kids school.

Good practice of routine

Participating in circle time introduces young children to the concept of time through a routine. When kids become familiar with a particular activity, they learn about time through schedule and routine.

Improved listening skills

In circle time, kids have to listen and pay attention to their teacher and peers as everybody takes their turn in leading the game. Having this as a part of their daily activity helps them develop their listening and communication skills. They learn how to express themselves and overcome shyness.

Improved fine and gross motor skills

Participating in circle time activities helps promote gross motor skills as it improves coordination and rhythm. It also helps develop dexterity and agility. Especially when the activities involve dancing and other physical activities.

Increased motivation for school

Children love games and fun. Keeping circle time fun can make children feel excited about going to school. With exciting and interactive games, you won’t have a hard time getting your little ones out of the bed in the morning to get ready for school. They will be looking forward to it every day and love the idea of going to school.

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