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Music in Therapy

Many children LOVE music. Whether it’s dancing to a favorite tune or falling asleep to relaxing sounds, music can have a very positive effect on children. In fact, multiple studies have investigated the impact of music on children, identifying benefits associated with music and child development. Moreover, research shows music as therapy can improve the relationship between parents and their children. It’s why if you have a child with a disability or developmental delays, we encourage you to consider how you might incorporate music into your child’s life. We experimented with musical instruments at Aash Child Development Center last month. Some of the benefits of Music Therapy are as fallows

-Positive parent-child relationships.

-Promotes development of auditory skills.

-Improves fine motor abilities

-Enhances social skills.

-Improve pain levels and reduce fear.

-Improve focus and attention span.

Last month we had Alessia Mallardo from Italy who volunteered with us to introduce Music in our therapy intervention. The children loved engaging with her while playing the various instruments. A soothing music bowl playing in the background as we engage children in various positions and activities was indeed a novel experience

for us. Music connects us all!

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