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Voices from the community

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Voice, participation and community engagement are essential to ensuring delivery of appropriate and effective health service.When community members are allowed to participate in the planning and implementation process of any program, they are empowering themselves and their community.

The idea of Community Based Rehabilitation is that in low resource setting where there is shortage of relevant health care professionals, we train the local community in various health care needs. Disability can also be one of the Health care needs in which we can train the local nurses,anganwadi workers, health workers etc in managing disability.

The Idea of Community based rehabilitation is also fundamentally more empowering because it is about democratization of medical knowledge and medical power. It makes the community a partner in successful implementation of the program.

Because of the geographical and weather conditions of Kullu, many children located in the far flung areas of the mountain town are unable to access the services available in out center based in Kullu town.

Our dream is to reach to all children in need of intervention and get a best shot at development.

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