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Teamwork makes Dreams work!

A zealous team of passionate individuals with common goals is what makes every-day running of Aash Child Development Centre special. It’s one happy place of belonging for all its children. When we work as a team, it is important to self-analyze oneself in order to add to the teams overall efficiency. When we function as a team, we work collectively for a common purpose and that’s what makes it all worth it.


INCLUSION has been our prime focus from day one. We not just believe in it but live it and work towards it each day to provide equality to our specially-abled children in every way possible. Aash has been conducting workshops at various levels to create awareness and emphasizing on early intervention quite promptly. Camps have also been held collectively with government organizations for attending not just to the childs needs but parents education as well. Home visits are also important part of the programs run by the Centre.

Keeping in mind the teams aspirations Mr. Devendra More conducted a “Vision Building” exercise with Team Aash. Mr. More works at Dimagi, Boston. Dimagi is a US based, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded company with its prime focus on programs in health and social sector.

The session invloved the team been divided in the group of two each and were given a task to drwan,write or act out their vision for Samphia Foundation. This session turned out quite fruitful as everyone got a one-o-one opportunity to discuss and share their personal experiences and expectations. There were new perspectives and opinions shared in order to achieve common objectives. Mr. More found this exercise quite interesting. He found the team full of enthusiasm,plan and positive as well as quite high spirited.

Team Aash has been achieving milestone after milestone at a progressive, steady pace. Even impossible says i-am-possible, rightly proved by the sheer determination and the will of this rock solid team. We continue with an undeterred spirit to bring a change in the societys outlook towards these special children who deserve acceptance just like any other child. The path is full of challenges but nothing compares to our unshakable spirit to overcome all huddles that come its way.

Stubborn on Vision...Focused…Motivated!

Together Everyone Achieves More @ TEAM Aash!

- Reecha Yogda


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