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Bringing Inclusion in Schools in Kullu.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

A 2014 National Sample Survey of Estimation of Out-of-School Children revealed that .94 lakh ( or 28%) children with special needs in the agar group of 6-13 years were not enrolled in schools. We, at Aash Child Development Center are changing those numbers.

We are thrilled and proud today as Lokesh and Aradhya have been admitted to a main stream school in Kullu, Araya Samaj School.

Until not long ago, education for children with special need was considered more privilege than right. The prevalent narrative was that such kids could not be easily educated.Admitting them to regular schools was a relatively new concept and academies either excluded them altogether or pushed parents to chose alternative modes of education.

But old prejudices are now being laid to rest.

At Aash Child Development Center, all our efforts are channelized towards Inclusion of children with disabilities. We have partnered with Arya Samaj School, Akhara Bazar,Kullu to initiate a School Integration program for our children. We provide the school with therapy and special education support to be able to make this integration happen.

After a trial period of 1 month, Aaradhya and Lokesh have been registered in a mainstream school in Junior KG, under the H.P education board.

Aaradhya is a 5 years old girl with a development delay, having undergone therapy for 3 years she was able to reach her developmental milestones of independent walking. She now has a speech delay for which she will require continues therapy support for a few months. But, why should that stop her from her fundamental right to education!?

Lokesh is a 6 years old boy with Cerebral Palsy, having undergone therapy for 3 years. With rigorous Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy Lokesh now has better voluntary control, posture and balance with supported walking. His speech is affected, but his cognition is that of a neurotypical 6-year-old boy. Why then he should not have access to a conducive school environment like his peers!?

Aradhya and Lokesh are ecstatic to wear their new school uniforms, shoes, new bags and books and attend school just like their peers. Both their parents were overjoyed with tears of happiness to watch their children go to regular school.

We are thrilled to bring Inclusion in Schools!!!

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