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Audio Smart is now available for the first time in Kullu at our center!

Audio Smart is now available for the first time in Kullu!

Audio Smart is a truly portable middle—ear diagnostics and screening OAE and ABR for detecting hearing loss in infants,children and Adults.

The hearing impairment is diagnosed in three of every thousand babies born, that is twice more than frequency of cleft lip (palate), twice more than frequency of Down’s syndrome and ten times more than frequency of phenylketonuria.

The problem of diagnostics and treatment of hearing loss and deafness in this special category of patients is actual both in medical and social relations. Often the visual examination and other traditional diagnostic techniques of hearing impairment detection do not reveal the problem until 1 to 3 years of age — which is well beyond the critical period (6 months) for healthy speech and language development.

However, if a hearing impairment is identified and treated in its early stages, studies have shown that the child’s speech and language skills will be comparable to his or her normal-hearing peers. For these reasons, hearing screening at birth and routinely throughout childhood is extremely important. Timely and correct diagnosis provides an opportunity to start the hearing rehabilitation and child integration to speech environment as soon as possible.

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